Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Two-dimensional graph against the three-dimensional graphics worthy of description. Digest of 2D and 3D, many people believe that to understand the difference, but the words to describe it, becomes difficult to explain. Not surprisingly, there are many similarities, all the 3D graphics really what he was before, to improve right? With regard to computers, not quite, although appearance of the final product, finished product detail 3D offers another level, a little more polish and depth of detail.

In principle, the 2D graphics are computer generated images are drawn vertically or horizontally using a flat surface. Where a computer, but they are not among the photos, pixels, and the composition of words, art and hand drawings of these things is limited. "It has been down" the words and relate to 2D vector graphics. Raster Graphics "consists of a collection of pixelsare called raster images, and especially the video or computer game. Vector graphics, on the other hand, and "runners" real image of what the term describes the mathematical terms and images, and drawings related to scanning, and so is made ​​up of both 2D and 3D geometric data, 3D data, 3D models of what are nothing more than the production of the graphic presentation athematical While confidence. Data contained in the files, then these models to real-time animation is used. Therefore, in literal terms, 3D graphics are not animated, 2D image through a process called 3-D view to non. In fact, even before the start of 3D animation actually created. 3D animation, 2D animation, using the same technique to do a lot. 2D using 3D graphics, such as background, effects, lighting techniques as, but not to mention a few. In fact, the look of 2D animation, 3D animation, cartoon, and very fashionable, while others bility breathe life into the characters, moves to be very realistic.