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In an unnamed prototype Warner rabbit Main article: A return of Bugs Bunny Rabbit and some unnamed individuals, if not physical errors, it for the first time in the cartoon short Porky's Hare Hunt, released April 30, 1938. Co-directed by Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton without proof (which is responsible for the initial design of the rabbit), this short is a theme almost identical to the 1937 cartoon, Porky Duck Hunt (directed by Tex Avery) have introduced Daffy Duck. Porky was elected again as a hunter tracking another stupid decision, which seems less interested in escape his pursuers in the promotion of insanity, which replaced the duck with black cuts a small white rabbit. Rabbit is presented with an odd expression "Jiggers, colleagues and Mel Blanc gave rabbit almost aloud and laugh that later will use woodpecker. This story also features the famous Groucho Marx line that is often used errors:" And as we know, this war means "rabbit is designed to track the audience to see this cartoon that inspired staff Schlesinger further development of the character.

The first incarnation of the beginning of a Hare Hunt Porky Rabbit (1938)
second occurrence of rabbit in wine in 1939 Presto-o. Change-O ", directed by Chuck Jones, where he is invisible rabbit of Sham-Fu Magat character. Two dogs, fleeing the kennel premises, entered the house of his master away. In rabbit siege but was eventually defeated by the larger of the two dogs.

His third appearance was in another 1939 cartoon, Hare-um Scare-um, directed by Dalton and Hardaway. This, the first in what is presented as a gray bunny and white book is remarkable both for rabbits singer first. Charlie Thorson, chief animator for short, is the first that gives character name. He has written "Bugs" tab on the model that was removed for Hardaway, which means that it considers rabbit model of information becomes the property of Hardaway. In promotional materials for short (as a survivor Press Releases 1939), the model name on the sheet is changed to become his own name Rabbit "Bugs" Bunny (quotation marks used from the beginning), apparently named in honor of the "bugs" Hardaway.

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People love to watch movies. There are many types of films to choose from. One option is to cartoons. In these films you can find action and adventure, friendship, a sign to seek a common goal, and many music and beautiful pictures. Animated films have a long history. Idea was established in 1800. And the famous Thomas Edison in the hands of their occurrence. It explores the idea of ​​movies and create a device that expects this film. Recently, Walt Disney is a huge part in its progression. Now, computer animation. Many of the cartoons, even winning prestigious awards. And, animation, improving all the time.

The whole family can enjoy cartoons. Young children will love the colors in these films. Parents can watch their children react to the animation. Family movie night with the cartoon is a great way to get the family together, watching what may be in education, futuristic, or just have fun. Many of these films have become classics. Walt Disney Studios has more cartoons than any other studio. Animation in Disney films is legendary. Many of these films have animal themes. Madagascar and wild two films that are very different animals, to work together to solve the problem. Ghost film shows how an animal can conquer all. Some movies of beauty, which is located under the oceans, to give us a great color and animation. Finding Nemo, Shark Tales and SpongeBob few animated films that will entertain all ages. Other films live household items. Cars and Toy Story "to give voice to the objects that attract people of all ages. Movies like Monsters, Inc and Lilo & Stitch feature exciting characters that are actually of this world. Action hero is not forgotten in animation. Incredibles, Tarzan, and two very different animated action hero. Both were maintained, which proved successful.

Christmas has many films that became classics. Rudolf of deer watched during the holidays generations. Charlie Brown Christmas also became a holiday classic cartoon. How the Grinch Stole Christmas as an animated version, as well as live versions. Even Halloween has several animated films. Casper Ghost and it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, two popular animated films that will fill you with the spirit of Halloween. Some movies are successful combination of animation with live action. Narnia, magic, masks, and Alice in Wonderland, a few examples of this combination. The last film of this type yet. This film is a combination of even change the way animation is done. Animation film has come a long way. And it will continue to evolve. But there is one theme dominates them all. These films will refuse to come to life all their own.

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Some people think that cartoons are just for kids. However, many adults are not surprised you can never forget what a beautiful story of growing faces. In fact, some people never outgrown their website cartoon characters sprung a lot of people to create their own caricature as the love of mushrooms. Because of this site are provided free of these services, you will not find an artist or designer and you want to pay for services if your cartoon portrait.

All you need to do is find a website, upload your photos and design. Recently, for example, "Astroboy" and the old cartoon "The Simpsons" often show people back to life again, and perhaps a reminder of his childhood memories. These cartoon characters, such as today's youth the opportunity to know and reappearing characters were lost in the old cartoons are the Fund. If you're on, many people really hooked on cartoons from around the world. This irresistible charm and humor that faces are a result of the Cartoon. In addition, some people do not realize, but cartoons, other art forms, as messages can be very different realities of life to send reminders. cartoonists have the ability to communicate ideas and fun things to bring in the real world.

The only difference is that messages sent lightly cartoons, humor, and in some cases, satirically. Take, for example, the political cartoons. political cartoons have a certain appeal because it presents the people of government policies, the personal lives of politicians, political conflicts and many others about the truth. Design presented in a very refreshing perspective. People laugh and love that is why cartoons are a universal appeal to them.

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Si vols aprendre a dibuixar caricatures, vostè pot aprendre aquesta habilitat en l'art dels llibres de text electrònics. És el somni de gairebé tots els nens a aprendre a dibuixar les seves historietes i personatges preferits. No obstant això, no és fàcil de fer, com el dibuix o esbós de cada personatge requereix tècniques especials. En general, per poder aprendre l'art del dibuix ha d'assistir a les classes que l'art requereix molt de temps. Com vivim en un món que canvia ràpidament, vostè ha de buscar més solucions que poden ajudar a fer tot el que vulguis. llocs a Internet dedicats a l'elaboració de suggeriments i consells útils que l'ajudaran a dominar l'art del dibuix. Vostè pot trobar un nombre d'art útils tutorials en línia que poden ajudar a aprendre a dibuixar caricatures. Aquests programes de formació són molt simples i directes. És per això que els nens poden aprendre a dibuixar els seus personatges de dibuixos animats favorits i ells mateixos. Es requereix molt poc temps per aprendre les tècniques del dibuix amb l'ajuda d'aquests llocs web. Així, els nens de totes les edats poden aprendre a dibuixar caricatures en cap moment.

Una altra gran cosa sobre treure els llibres electrònics és que són gratis. Vostè pot aprendre a dibuixar el que vulguis sense pagar res. En contrast amb els ensenyaments d'art tradicional, aprendre a dibuixar caricatures en línia serveixen com una forma molt rendible. És per això que cada vegada més persones utilitzen ara aquests recursos d'optar per classes d'arts tradicionals. Vostè pot aprendre a dibuixar caricatures, així com altres objectes com ara arbres, muntanyes, aus, animals, cases i persones d'aquests llocs també. No obstant això, els nens, per descomptat, en els dibuixos animats, per això la majoria d'atreure l'art tutorials en línia per als d'aprendre a dibuixar caricatures. Vostè pot aprendre a dibuixar herois com Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc A més, vostè pot aprendre a dibuixar personatges com Tom i Jerry, Bratz, Bob Esponja i diversos altres dibuixos animats.

Alguns llocs també ofereixen l'oportunitat de preservar l'art dels llibres de text, el que els fa estudiar més fàcilment. A més, pot fer nous amics en aquests llocs i compartir les seves pròpies obres d'art. Totes aquestes característiques fan que l'aprenentatge dibuixos animats i altres objectes de diversió. Així en línia i descobreixi la màgia de l'art llibres electrònics ara!

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Exciting thing about the Internet, movies and TV  shows  free flow of high-speed Internet connection and the possibility of using a computer. Now, not to hurry home, or fragment is PVR setup to catch the record show. Instead, everything must be displayed on the Internet  and press "Play" by

Disney Shows: Disney.go.com. Disney Online network of several episodes of their shows is one of the few. The only catch is that if the United States to be able to view the content. However, if you live in the U.S., animated shorts, television and film examinations must. All you need to create your website and register your new account, use that account information is free.

YTV: Ytv.com. YTV television network as a show of its content is free online. Users can watch free videos, short films and episodes are only the site and go the "Video" to browse by category. Sign up and you are not registered and you can see as many videos as you want.

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Network first original show is demonstrating Moxy and first broadcast in 1993. In 1994, Hanna-Barbera Studios Cartoon Network new subsidiary was established and started production of "What-A-Cartoon! Show (aka World Premiere Toons and" What-A-Cartoon "), a series of creator-driven short cartoons, Cartoon Network debuted in 1995. [4] This is the third network original series (second wasSpace Ghost Coast to Coast). The project was led by several managers, Cartoon Network, in addition to Ren and Stimpy Show creator John Kricfalusi (who was Advisor to the network at the time) and Fred Seibert (who was once one of the organizers of the Nicktoons, and that goes for the production of cartoons as an anthology Oh yeah! Random Designs Cartoons) [5].

The main objective of the program for animated films is to help Cartoon Network expand their library of exclusive programming and introduce a series of caricatures of ideas. Six of them were separated in their own racing series. This series of six, Dexter's Laboratory (1996), Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken (1997), The Powerpuff Girls (1998) Mike, Lu and Og, and Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999) became the origin of the original cartoon network known as cartoons. [4] I Am Weasel (1997) and Ed, Edd and Eddy (1999) are the first two cartoons are not integrated into a story that a short cartoon. [4]

In 1996, Turner merged with Time Warner. [6] The consolidated ownership of all cartoons from the World Bank, so now after July 1948 and animated films and old black and white ownership of extinction (which Warner Bros. is readquirido 1960) and the emission is displayed in the network. Last animation productions from the World Bank also began to appear in the network, especially the revival shows that were broadcast on Kids WB, plus some new programs such as Justice League.