Friday, April 29, 2011

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Cartoo 2011
Brett Clay has written a book of strong sales of more names? Sales force. And no one knows how or if the product is sold by Brett Clay, an MBA curriculum that includes twenty one sales trainer, sales consultant and vice, president of marketing and business development experience in the business of many years' high technology, Microsoft, including the clay is qualified other than teaching how to sell. He has studied what works and what does not, and from a seller that has been successful gaizkiulertuak mistakes and knows how to overcome. Some examples of practical and personal, personal pages, and many customers and sales techniques to analyze the activities of the Energetic sales is without doubt a force to transform the seller.

to force, however, does not mean that the seller of the durable myth that makes cold calls to people who want to buy a product of manipulation and does not regret it later. As a sample of clay, the largest error than the seller does not need to believe in your product to the customer. Clay does not need is a clear product. the product the customer is a solution, a solution is to sell product but also inappropriate. The seller will not only work to the needs of their customers and what problems are only due to changes in the organization to investigate, and then sell a product that can transform the organization to understand the customer better. The seller is required to be an agent of change for their businesses and their customers say.

strong sales of the real axis. Clay has created the changing context of leadership change in an organization, force the seller to achieve cohesion. change model of leadership in this age prefer someone online to get information and make your purchases, you devaluation Vital sellers attention. To adapt to the Internet market, the seller can not simply sell a product, they should know their customers, but customers have a special inside and out and to help achieve their goals. specific learning objectives of the client to change leadership is to be included as a means to achieve the objectives of the organization so that the product can be changed from the inside.