Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Two dimensional graphics vs. three dimensional graphics deserves explanation. Abbreviated as 2D and 3D, people often think they understand the difference, but when asked to put it into words, it becomes difficult to explain. Not surprisingly, there are lot similarities, after all 3D graphics are really an improvement on what came before, are they not? In computer terms, not really although the end product appears similar, 3D offers another level of detail to the final product, a little more polish and depth of detail. Basically 2D graphics are created with the help of computer based digital images that are drawn vertically or horizontally on a flat surface. When computerized they include, but are not limited to such things as photographs, pixels, compositions and text as well as art and hand drawings. The words 'raster' and 'vector' graphics refer to 2D. 'Raster' graphics are composed of a collection of pixels, called bitmaps and relate mostly to computer or video games. 'Vector' graphics on the other hand are composed of 'paths' which is a term that describes the actual image in mathematical terms and relate to photographs, scans and drawings etc. While both 2D and 3D rely on geometric data, in 3D graphics what is produced are 3D models which are nothing more than a athematical representation of the data. Contained in data files, these models are then used in 'real -time' animated viewing. Therefore, in literal terms, 3D graphics are not an animation until the 2D image is viewed through a process called '3D rendering'. In fact 3D is actually created before animation even begins. 3D animation makes use of many of the same rendering techniques that 2D animation does. 2D graphics only become 3D with the help of techniques such as shading, effects, lighting, to mention but a few. In reality, 2D animation looks and moves in a very cartoon fashion while 3D animation on the other hand has the bility to breathe life into characters, making them very realistic.Type text or a website address or translate a document.Cancel Listen Read phonetically English to English translation Tekening explicat Pictura online facti fossa laatste amat et potius Amantes, arte stripfiguur Amantes parte. Haec Tellus, explicat online possis efficere bene comparatum Artis te ontwikkelen unieke Artis. Aliquam Ipsum NISI Mauris pulvinar ontwikkelen online explicat ut Viros et vade taliter sentiret. Niet solum Liberos, qui Vere eleifend ludum uti stringerent favoriete personages online Cartoon sed etiam adultorum, qui abso Tota ratio trahit online Valdes. Tekening online explicat est Certus een bonus via evaginato Questus Coepi tafelen explicat. Sunt autem divisiones tutorial sessies quæ dantur de websites zijn om te helpen Vos extra online Tractus in facto.

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