Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Cartoons | The Cartoons That Shook The World 2011

Symbols of oppression and occupation: more evil the person representing all the forces of evil, Al-Ali and a number of symbols used to represent oppression, occupation, and corruption. Israeli and American soldiers are shown with signs on their helmets. bars and barbed wire prison represent settlements, borders, prisons, and the hurdles that prevent Palestinians from leaving their camps and fences that prevent them from returning to Palestine. Detention centers are also created by the Israeli army in southern Lebanon.

Censorship and lack of freedom of expression in the Arab world were the main themes of Ali and that includes headlines aimed at promoting democracy and freedom of expression in his cartoons. The scissors that cut the paper, adhesive tape to retain the language of a good man to be silent and silenced are all the same characters, in protest at the lack of democracy. Oil, natural resources that belong to the common and ordinary Arab people, is also a common theme. Al-Ali saw oil as a curse of the Arab nation and helped me. In a story, barrels of oil are used as "Drums of War" by Israeli soldiers and Americans. In another, a barrel of oil is Satan or Iblis "and Handal and Zalama threw stones at him during the rituals of Hajj. When Fatima In Zalama wants the role of oil in the struggle, the answer Zalama "Americans are drinking more ..." barrels of oil falling from the sky, Handal Israelis attacked with bombs and a dagger of Arab regimes. "

Naji Al-Ali created a visual vocabulary of powerful characters who have maintained a strong contemporary resonance and after his death. The consistency of his artistic vision and his voice makes it one of the most popular singers of the modern Middle East. His unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause and his sharp criticism of the powers in the region won him many friends and many enemies. He left an indelible legacy.