Thursday, April 28, 2011

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One thing is still in the same year the children dressed as Wonder Woman is a reputation. DC Comics Women and girls do not seem to tire of the famous Wonder Woman costume. Women and girls, dressed like a powerful superhero love, to feel beautiful and sexy.

Wonder Woman dressed in children's television history began in 1974, starring Cathy Lee Crosby to a movie, but it does not look like the characters do not have superhero powers and super heroes was a blonde. Then, in 1975, a Wonder Woman Lynda Carter TV and movie star was a huge success. Wonder Woman is what I got for this movie and still not having sold. There are many more very successful movies that follow the seasons and to such episodes was.

The film begins on an island where the pilots live in the beautiful and ageless strength, agility and intelligence. Princess Diana Amazon just helps us to improve the handsome Trevor and recovery. Trevor decides that her mother will return to winning games in America, Diana, but they are not allowed to take part in the story. Diana put blonde wig, and exposed to competition and the links in the first place. The competition will be decided by bullets and bracelets. Diana is the winner, and takes off his wig to show identity. His mother sent his blessing to the United States. Wonder woman gown is designed to give America their new home a symbol of hope to be accepted and the gold belt was the source of his strength and energy. His gold bracelets that deflect bullets and save the people and indestructible, and they obey the truth when the United States will receive a ribbon. This is Wonder Woman costume idea.