Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Animation | Make Animation Online | Make Animated Gif 2011

Want to know how to make animation? Maybe you have a great artistic talent, and you decide that you want to have this ability on and how to create a 3D-animation to learn. To learn how to animate images, you need a few things. This article will address the two most important things that you should make your own animations. At the end of this article I'll show you a cheap, easy to use program that will give you your first animation in less than one hour of use.

First, and foremost, need a decent computer. The programs used to create animations, usually a very time consuming and requires a lot of free memory. If you have an old dinosaur with a computer, you're probably frustrated quickly if the computer does not perform as fast as you want, or worse, freezes or crashes on you. Today there are many computers available for sale that come with generous amounts of disk space and memory. You can find a decent computer for $ 1000 or less. If you are serious about animation, you really want to invest in a good computer.

Then go to software 3D-animation. If this is your first time to create the animation, you probably do not want too much money on software. There are several programs such as GIMP, free download that lets you create a basic animation. If you are really serious about learning how to create animations, you'll want some money for better programs. Free programs are good to experiment with, but they lack the functionality of the full software 3D-animation. There are many paid software programs available, including Maya for 3D animation, Adobe Flash, 3D Max and Poser. All of these wonderful programs and are part of the software industry standard used by large companies such as Pixar. Unfortunately, these programs are incredibly expensive - thousands of dollars. Not only once, but you have the program installed, you must figure out how to use it. Although these programs all work well, they really are not conducive to an early animator.