Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Boomerang Cartoon Network
I'm addicted to advice column. I can not avoid. Set up my Latte soy foam in the morning, my "Crack" berry and "Dear crew, with a strong dose. When I'm lucky, I can persuade David to play a game of "What Abby?" Especially if the sporting mood, we can study outside the layer below the written word. And if her husband, Chip, you really need Viagra, and it is not, in fact, as a matter "of Hoboken Horny" opinion? What is the interference of the mother of Justice, "Madge, " has a point - maybe "good breast Leavenworth is in fact a bad mother. Normally, I convinced a good cleaning is a fun game. Chip, Horny Madge and anonymity are wonderful and  comforting - the semi-fictional character of these problems.

Today's column was simply annoying. A mother recently retired homeowner with a mortgage is an important part of the dam. Publicly traded corporation that was a great general manager, unless a fixed income, this lady is a lie. Now get this Butthole two sons, 22 and 24, lived at home and has asked to pineapple and pay $ 30 per week. "Stressed Mom" now says that the "ranting and raving and calling a bad mother. " If the request is not reasonable is to go. What is it?

Shooting these smoke marijuana, Cartoon Network, watching his house a little punk! He was asked how much is being unreasonable? Time to grow some balls and you have made your life living in the Butt. damn healthy men is on the way to maximize the left. Are you also have to raise children? So sooner or later, one of the losers will take great care not seen the man live with his date's mother. Then the hands were at the zoo.