Friday, May 6, 2011

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Behind some of the most messed-up celebrities (and some who were able to cope) are some pretty messed-up parents. They could be stage parents, parents who are going through separation, or just plain free-loaders, investing in their child's celebrity status, so that, in time, their abuse will pay back its dividends. Macaulay Culkin - Let's start off with someone who was able to cope with his parent's abuse. Celebrity, celebrities, child abuse, parent, parent abuse.

Will Smith in a true life story about the pursuit of happiness...The Pursuit of Happyness.

Wine, not to be left out, has begun to get noticed.  Many movies have featured wine in supporting roles – a bottle thrown against a wall or a drop of Shiraz spilled on a white dress for dramatic effect – but wine has yet to plant its seed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, this may soon change: wine is becoming more and more popular as a subject matter, leaving me to wonder if it will soon become a diva, demanding to be fanned with giant leaves and fed grapes (cannibals!). Wine in pop culture,wine in the movies,wine on television,movie wines,tv wines,falcon crest,sideways.