Saturday, May 7, 2011

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I'm sick and tired of hearing about Boomerang 'Kids' and how hard it is for them to make it on their own in the big, bad world. Granted, our generation tended to be more involved with our children's education, nurtured their every talent, made sure they were safe from balloon-related latex allergies--but the helicoptering MUST stop at some point. The longer we wait, the bigger and badder the world will seem to our offspring. Boomerang, kids, empty, nest, nester, nesters, spoiled, brats.

I enjoy speaking to audiences! But, sometimes I do not take full pleasure in the necessary writing of the speech, the crafting of the speech insiders would say. It takes time to find the right words, and then better words after you have found those. In the past I always wanted to come off as totally spontaneous and as if the speech just came off the top of my head. I learned that without preparation, and practice it just does not happen that way!Robin Williams, speech, business, NSA,Toastmasters,professional,practice, preparation.

As a speaker you should realize that if you do not position yourself as the expert on your topic, your concept, or by your title, you may not reap the profits you desire. If you are too many things to too many audiences, you do not have a true following, nor perhaps a true message. Diversify, focus, speaking,NSA,expert,diversification,Mark LeBlanc,income, book sales,profit.