Friday, May 6, 2011

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force causes embarrassment and overreaction in Boston.  Turner Broadcasting causes freedom to take a step backwards. Boston,cartoon,advertising,politics,overreact,hoax,marketing.

You reheated the same cup of coffee three times this morning. 2. There is always one more person in your bed in the morning, than there was the night before. 3. You can’t imagine life without the ... Parenting,parents,children,toddlers,preschool,kids.

They may not wear capes, or come from far-away planets. Rarely, if ever, are they introduced to potentially hazardous chemicals or scientific experiments, without their knowledge. The closest they get to fighting a super-powered baddie is saving innocent people from tyrannical dictators, or effectively putting a stop to evil scientists. Yet their villains are more real - and, in many ways, more dangerous, - than any other comic book wanna-be. These men and women put their lives on the line, and get treated like dirt for it. It's about time we stop supporting the monsters, and start supporting the heroes and heroines of our military!. Real-life heroes,memorial,comic book,happy memorial day,superheroes,support,troops.