Monday, May 2, 2011

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Not long ago, a dreamy child who want to make video games I could earn a living. I was home grown and all the Mario Nintendo Super NES console later. I was still kind of entrepreneurs who have a fan site. I simply began to AOL Web space and free space after another slowly grew, until finally his own domain. This place known as the Hall of the N - point in a Google search and the first time the phrase appeared in the final good, we could, but "Nintendo Dolphin." - Unfortunately, I guess the N representation that our Web presence was related to the scandal and his entire eFront fire led to a collapse.

At this point, was maybe 14 or 15 years to develop the website and my "opinion" to offer industry news and game reviews. Think seriously, I heard someone say me laugh today. But I was a fan, and I love the industry - at least one web development and I learned a lot about the video game industry. EFront after the crisis, I still game fan site in the field of active sites and a few more before the end finally worked. N room on numerous occasions I have tried to resuscitate, but do not cause us to Google, including a list of research for a number in the same position was and realized it was useless trying to compete on the IGN or Gamespot - no links were still a large agreement. However, I did not get a multi-plataforma-websites--GamerPlay/WiredPlay--and, although very far, I've learned a lot of PHP and MySQL and I know my game worked to create the content management system.

Was probably 16 or 17 years, the last day of my fansite. I have not really had a real game yet. My own C +, + I have tried to learn but never get too far. my last two years of the Institute, the children. I took computer science, where he really learned the code. I've been a C + + and Java, and web design - the cake for me - and a computer architecture class - not in this category and still not take care. Fortunately, my class schedule was not super sharp, games to build our projects. more than anything was just ridiculously boring programming. My first "games" in general crappy ASCII graphics experience, but I Blast. quiet ascii "Final Fantasy" role to play where we had was my first semester as a degree. in the second half, we have some card games, but was most proud of the project was an ASCII version of the defense. Just like that one level, but the way you move the game to move to enemies who you come to find while I was flying. We have found how to use color and sound. the greatest game ever at the time he was not - and I love.